Donald Trump gets a 175 million dollar business preserver!

Former President Donald J Trump gets a loan for 175 million dollar loan from Billionaire Don Hankey. Don Hankey, is chair and majority shareholder of Knight Specialty Insurance Inc. The company successes is based underwriting high risk loans for individuals who cannot get loans from traditional lenders. Trump’s loan was exactly what Hankley says is “what we do”.

We’ll see what happens next from here on.

Trump catches a break..he owes only 175 million now!

A New York Appellate court has lowered the amount of money owes the state of New York  to 175 million dollars as ordered by Judge Arthur Engoron.

Trump claims the original fine of 464 million dollars was virtually impossible to secure funding from any entity in the financial community.

The original fine of 464 million dollars is still in effect has not been lowered as it still accrues interest daily.

He (Trump) still has 10 days to secure the 175 million dollars  and he says he will comply.

Donald J. Trump needs cash………Fast!

Former President and self-professed Billionaire Donald J Trump needs cash and in a hurry.

He lost in a civil fraud trial in the state of New York where he was convicted of Tax evasion and other crimes in the state.

With fines and interest he owes the state of New York roughly around one-half billion dollars.

He tells the court he doesn’t have that amount of cash available.

The New York State Attorney General, Letitia James has vowed that if Trump does not pay at the appointed time, the State will start seizing his assets to pay the fines levied against him.

Time is Mr Trump’s enemy not his ally.

Trump is trying his tried and true strategy of seeking delays and “buying time” as he has done in the past, but this strategy may not work.

This may mark the beginning of the end of the, “Trump empire” as the wold has come to know it. Only time will tell and we’ll see what it says.

Jury Awards E. Jean Carroll $83 Million in Trump Defamation Case

The Groovisphere is incredulous but not surprised by this verdict! This is truly poetic justice. The Groovisphere guesses the former President hasn’t learned that if you’re in a hole and you want  to get out, stop digging!

Why does Donald Trump think he can continue to make defamatory remarks either  spoken or in print  and believes he can get away with it.

A Federal NY Jury has found former President Donald J. Trump of further defaming E.Jean Carroll again and has awarded more damages for a new total of 83.3 million dollars.

It took them (the jury) less than three hours to reach and render the verdict.

Maybe an expensive lesson, that he’s brought upon himself will finally silence him. Maybe he should have paid attention to what happened to his crony Rudy Giuliani.

As we are not surprised, Trump plans to appeal.

And the Republican party wants to fast track him to be the presumptive nominee to be their candidate for President. Wow!


Katt Williams Breaks the Internet

Stand-up Comedian, Actor, and Rapper, Katt Williams has broken the Internet recently.Williams appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s You tube channel Club Shay Shay, received over 35 million views and has raised even more awareness of the 52 year old Comedian

After exchanging pleasantries with Sharpe, sharing his origin story with him and claiming he had “nothing to promote” on his appearance he went on to take Sharpe to task on why he let former guests comedians Steve Harvey, Cedric “The Entertainer”, Kevin Hart and others of “lying about their careers” on his show.

He has gone on to guest on another you tube show hoisted by Willie D to clear the air.He pretty much repeated the same info on the previous show but, was even more as strident as before.

Williams in currently on the road performing live on his 100 date shows to sold out performances and in many cases additional shows are being added.



Happy Groovin’ New Year for 2024

Happy Groovin New Year for 2024 Groovillites from Podcastgroove.  We look forward to expanding more things on the site for your entertainment and enjoyment.

Please feel free to tell others about the site and more importantly interact here with us and others as this is our service to you. This is the online place for you to enjoy our blog posts and Podcasts and we do it all for you

So let’s have a great 2024 and beyond.

And as always keep on groovin’.



Rudy Giuliani files for bankruptcy

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Former NY Mayor and District Attorney Rudy Giuliani has filed for bankruptcy. The ally and crony of former President Donald J Trump has lost a defamation lawsuit filed by two Georgia election workers claiming they participated in election fraud in the state of Georgia resulting in the win of  Joe Biden becoming President.

The plaintiffs Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss were awarded a total of 148 million dollars in compensatory damages for public, false, and  defamatory claims by Mr Giuliani

The evidence presented by Mr Giuliani proved to have no conclusive factual evidence and was deemed. be false .

Giuliani filed for bankruptcy the day after the rendering pf the verdict.

Even after losing his case, Giuliani, doubled down on his claims and planned to appeal his case.

Giuliani is not out of hot water as he has several lawsuits filed against him from Hunter Biden,Smartmatic, a voting machine company, who Giuliani claims had defective voting machines allowing candidate Joe Biden to defeat President  in the 2020 election.

Giuliani is facing similar lawsuits from other parties.










Former President Donald J. Trump turns himself in Georgia

Former President Donald J  Trump turns himself in Georgia as an arrest warrant was issued for State charges for election tampering over the 2020 Presidential election.

The former President is the first President to have a mug shot.

This is the fourth indictment for the former President, and the second one from a state.

He faces Federal charges of several crimes from Florida and Washington DC regarding his Post-Presidential behavior  and is accused of having documents as a former President should not have in his possession. He has been indicted of 34 counts in the state of New York of illegal and unlawful business practices.

He, like any US citizen is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a US court of lawThe mugshot taken of Donald Trump










NY Grand Jury Indicts President Trump on 34 Counts!

A New York Grand Jury has turned down a 34 page indictment against former President Donald J Trump yesterday 4/4/2023.

The former President turned himself over for arraignment, but no mug shots were taken nor was he put in handcuffs.

The President predicted he’d be arrested  weeks earlier on March 19th, but it didn’t happen.

After the 2 hour plus arraignment ended, the former President flew back to Florida to his Mar-a-Largo retreat.

Later that evening from his Florida retreat, he had a televised but brief press conference bemoaning  his list of grievances and attacking everyone in the process with or without  any part pf the process with un-substantiated claims.

Typical Trump press conference where he proclaims he’s the victim.