Former President Donald J. Trump turns himself in Georgia

Former President Donald J  Trump turns himself in Georgia as an arrest warrant was issued for State charges for election tampering over the 2020 Presidential election.

The former President is the first President to have a mug shot.

This is the fourth indictment for the former President, and the second one from a state.

He faces Federal charges of several crimes from Florida and Washington DC regarding his Post-Presidential behavior  and is accused of having documents as a former President should not have in his possession. He has been indicted of 34 counts in the state of New York of illegal and unlawful business practices.

He, like any US citizen is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a US court of lawThe mugshot taken of Donald Trump










NY Grand Jury Indicts President Trump on 34 Counts!

A New York Grand Jury has turned down a 34 page indictment against former President Donald J Trump yesterday 4/4/2023.

The former President turned himself over for arraignment, but no mug shots were taken nor was he put in handcuffs.

The President predicted he’d be arrested  weeks earlier on March 19th, but it didn’t happen.

After the 2 hour plus arraignment ended, the former President flew back to Florida to his Mar-a-Largo retreat.

Later that evening from his Florida retreat, he had a televised but brief press conference bemoaning  his list of grievances and attacking everyone in the process with or without  any part pf the process with un-substantiated claims.

Typical Trump press conference where he proclaims he’s the victim.



Episode 23:Travlin’

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