The Presidential debate is finally upon us

Best debate moments in history

Well it’s finally come to this… the debate between former President Donald J Trump and current President Joseph Biden finally  happens.

There will only be two debates, the first on June 27,2024 and the second will be on September 10th 2024.

The debate will answer many questions about about the Candidates and will confirm or debunk  what ha been said about both them.

The Groovisphere believes the debates really will help voters, especially the Independent(s) who they will vote for.

We’ll see won’t we..



Former President Trump Found Guilty on all 34 Counts!

Former President Donald J Trump has been found guilty by a jury of his peers on the Hush Money trial and Election Fraud by the State of New York . The former President was convicted on all counts. including falsifying business records and breaking Federal Election Campaign laws.

Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg thanked the Jurors for their service citing that their participation in the process is a cornerstone of the Judicial system.

He further thanked the jury for their careful attention to the evidence and the rule of law. He added that the jury had essentially  been presented with mountains of evidence from a myriad of testimony from witnesses and was backed with text messages, phone call log records, and e-mails They heard recordings, saw cancelled checks, and invoices.

He ( Bragg) went on to give a history of the Manhattan Attorney’s office and their commitment to their Independence and integrity.

Upon hearing the verdict, President Trump continued his grievances and complaints outside the Courtroom promising to “keep fighting” and ” this is long from over”.

We’ll  track and see what happens next.


Jury deliberation for Donald J Trump starts today…

A New York  jury began deliberation of the hush money trial of the State of New York vs former former President Donald J Trump. The former President was indicted of multiple counts. including falsifying business records and breaking Federal Election Capaign laws.

Judge Juan Merchant gave the 12 jurors over an hour of  very specific instructions what they can and must consider when reaching a verdict. He explained to the jury all of the counts and other legal concepts including, “intent” in rendering a verdict.

After the jury convened  to begin deliberating  the former President emerged from the courtroom to go to the lobby  launching  into his usual list of grievances that he has enumerated  at his previous trials and on his platform, Truth Social.

We’ll keep on tracking and updating this as circumstances warrant or until a verdict is rendered .


The State of New York vs. Donald J Trump rest their case…

The Prosecution for the State of New York and the Defense team representing former President Donald J. Trump rested their prospective sides in the criminal trial against the former President.

Donald Trump did not take the stand in his defense.

The last witnesses to testify were for the Prosecution former Attorney and former fix-it man Michael Cohen who gave riveting testimony about the scheme that he and presidential hopeful and nominee Donald Trump to pay off and silence adult film star Stormy Daniels with a payoff of $130,000 who was about to go to the tabloid newspaper, The National Inquirer claiming she had sex with the Presidential hopeful in 2016.

The scheme was an elaborate process in which Michael Cohen would pay off Daniels himself and Donald Trump would pay him back under the guise of legal services provided

The problem was not the payoff but the reason why which was to blunt any bad publicity that would hurt Trump chances of winning the Presidency going into the final months of the election.

The prosecution claims that the payoff this and not reporting to the the Federal Elections Commission, breaks federal law including fraud and other Federal statues.

On cross examination in the final days of the trial the defense got Cohen to admit that while working Trump he stole money from the Trump campaign and after leaving Trump he profited from his notoriety in publishing several books, (with possibly third one) along with a video and audio Podcasts.after leaving Trump.

Of course this was after serving prison time for committing several crimes that he claims were at the direction of Trump who was boss at that time.

The last witness for the defense was Attorney Robert Costello, a Trump ally who was called to the witness stand to testify. Cohen, who was looking for legal representation was suggested by Rudy Giuliani  to consider Costello for representation. Costello testified further that Michael Cohen told him he paid Stormy Daniels on his own and that Donald Trump had no knowledge of his payments and that his has “nothing on Trump”.

Cohen never hired Costello to represent him in any legal matters.

Later during his testimony Costello began to answer questions from Trump’s defense team but faced objections that were from the Prosecutor. Costello’s reactions  were  comments and outbursts such as ” geeze strike that, and this is ridiculous”.  That behavior showed disrespect to the Court where the Judge,Juan Merchan ordered the Jury and others out of the Courtroom and about Costello about respecting the Court. He admonished him about his body language directed toward him that showed disrespect and would not be tolerated in his courtroom and did he understand what he was being told. Costello acknowledged the Judge’s concerns and the Jury,  Press,  and others were called back into the Courtroom.

The testimony continued with no further incident.






Michael Cohen takes witness stand

Former Attorney and fix it man, Michael Cohen took this wittiness stand in the election fraud case of the state vs former President Donald J Trump.

Cohen, who was convicted  for perjury in previous testimonies served prison time is considered along with Adult actress, Stormy Daniels key witnesses against the former President claiming he funneled money to pay off the actress who was going to the National Enquirer newspaper a story about claiming to having sex with the then candidate Donald Trump within months of the election and was going to be reimbursed by Trump as a business expense skirting campaign election laws and was convicted of crimes related to them.

Under cross examination Mr Cohen admitted he took money from the Trump organization for hiring a research group and pocketed the difference and kept it for himself, essentially stealing the difference and not reporting the difference for himself.

He justified it was by believing it owed to him for not getting a bonus for work he did for the Trump organization for earlier work.

Trump’s defense team got Cohen to admit he’s profited from his association by authoring several books, a podcast, a Television deal and writing another book.

The trial continues, we’ll see what comes next.



Donald Trump could owe NY State 100 million dolars!

To add to the Presidents current current woes, it  looks like he done done it again! A recent IRS review of his Chicago property shows another impropriety. In 2008 his reported this  Chicago Sky Tower at a total loss on his personal taxes citing heavy debt on the property and that the property was virtually “worthless”.

In 2010  He shifted the ownership of the property DJT holdings into a  new partnership also controlled by Trump.

He would further this practice over the years to place many of these businesses( including golf courses  into this LLC where the Chicago property to cite even more losses that ranged into the millions.

He is essentially accused of double-dipping

Eric Trump, The President’s son claims this has come up again because his Father ran for office and has already been resolved

This issue has come back to scrutiny based on a recent report published by the New York Time and Pro Publico recently

We’ll see what comes of this…


President Trump Hush Money Trial Starts Today

The hush money trial of former President Donald J Trump has begun today. The issue is paying out “hush money” to squash any derogatory information about the Presidential hopeful before the election.

The information about the “alleged” extramarital affairs with Adult actress, “Stormy Daniels and former Playboy Playmate, “Karen McDoogle” were squashed by the “National Inquirer by Donald J Trump who made payment to the Paper, by his then Lawyer, Michael Cohen to not publish the stories fearing that they could negatively impact Trump’s chance of winning.

The former President is being charged with Election Fraud and Criminal Conspiracy by falsifying his business records to cover-up his secret payments which are considered Federal crimes.

Opening statements from the Prosecution and the Defense begin today.


Donald Trump gets a 175 million dollar business preserver!

Former President Donald J Trump gets a loan for 175 million dollar loan from Billionaire Don Hankey. Don Hankey, is chair and majority shareholder of Knight Specialty Insurance Inc. The company successes is based underwriting high risk loans for individuals who cannot get loans from traditional lenders. Trump’s loan was exactly what Hankley says is “what we do”.

We’ll see what happens next from here on.

Trump catches a break..he owes only 175 million now!

A New York Appellate court has lowered the amount of money owes the state of New York  to 175 million dollars as ordered by Judge Arthur Engoron.

Trump claims the original fine of 464 million dollars was virtually impossible to secure funding from any entity in the financial community.

The original fine of 464 million dollars is still in effect has not been lowered as it still accrues interest daily.

He (Trump) still has 10 days to secure the 175 million dollars  and he says he will comply.

Donald J. Trump needs cash………Fast!

Former President and self-professed Billionaire Donald J Trump needs cash and in a hurry.

He lost in a civil fraud trial in the state of New York where he was convicted of Tax evasion and other crimes in the state.

With fines and interest he owes the state of New York roughly around one-half billion dollars.

He tells the court he doesn’t have that amount of cash available.

The New York State Attorney General, Letitia James has vowed that if Trump does not pay at the appointed time, the State will start seizing his assets to pay the fines levied against him.

Time is Mr Trump’s enemy not his ally.

Trump is trying his tried and true strategy of seeking delays and “buying time” as he has done in the past, but this strategy may not work.

This may mark the beginning of the end of the, “Trump empire” as the wold has come to know it. Only time will tell and we’ll see what it says.