The Covid-19 Vaccine is now available wow!

Wow this is amazing. This only shows what is possible when positive forces align to save humanity. This virus has killed millions worldwide. In the United States the death toll is over 300,000 and still growing. Several drug companies had sprung into action seeking a vaccination to curb the spread of the virus. At least two companies have vaccinations that have entered the marketplace and are being distributed and citizens across the US are getting vaccinations.

The UK started their vaccination roll out last  week.

It can only get better from here. It’s a great day for the US and the world.

The Electoral College has voted and your confirmed POTUS Is?


Well the waiting and validating is over, Joe Biden is your new President of the United States. To his credit and to the determent of outgoing President, Donald Trump, President Elect Biden stayed cool and calm under the  verbal attacks and complaints of “voter fraud and vote rigging” by the  outgoing President and the scores of lawsuits filed Trump and members of the Republican Party.

The Electoral College has validated the votes cast in all fifty states and have confirmed the results of election night and the few weeks beyond.

To the majority the belief is that the republic is still strong and has survived the  onslaught of of bogus claims of the outgoing President.

Congratulations to the President Elect and blessing to America.

Your 46 POTUS-Elect is?

Ok is there any doubt about this? It was confirmed. The will of the majority of  people on election night have voted their choice, but President Trump didn’t want to believe or concede the fact is that is lost.

All the recounts, that mostly have gone against him, that he’s paid for can never change the fact that he’s lost.

Congrats to President-elect, Joe Biden

Your Projected 46 POTUS Is!

Congratulations to former Vice-President, Joe Biden who is projected to be the nations 46 United States President. This was Biden’s  third  attempt for the office, and the first after being Vice-President for President Barak Obama. Many news outlets  have projected the Biden win, amid complaints from Republican President, Donald Trump and his allies. questioning the legitimacy of the outcome.

Trump has launched and will launch several lawsuits over this outcome. Many of the states have not certified the outcome, which is forthcoming after all of the votes are counted.

Stay tuned for more details.


Simply Vote!

It is roughly a month away from election day in the United States. This election for many means so much for so many reasons for the Independent voter, and  members of the Democratic and Republican parties. It’s more than important, it’s a mandate from the winning side.

If you like the direction that the country is going.. VOTE !

If you don’t like the direction that the country is going.. VOTE !

If you think your vote does not matter.. THINK AGAIN !


If you don’t vote and then you complain about the outcome, it’s on you !


President Donald J. Trump has tested Positive for Covid-19

Wow! This is truly ironic. President Donald J. Trump, has downplayed, mocked and trivialized this virus from the beginning  and now has come down with it. His failure to wear masks and to dissuade others to do so as suggested by the Center for Disease Control, (CDC) and others has essentially polarized the issue likening this to the right of free speech.

The issue of wearing or not wearing masks to control the spreading of the virus was further blurred by the President by not adhering to the science of how the spread of the virus occurs.

In practice he went on to hold a few political rallies during the Summer in markets where he was beloved by his base. He was smart enough to have those who attended his rallies to sign waivers to hold him harmless as mask wearing was discouraged.

One of the attendees  of his rallies was the late Herman Cain, former Presidential candidate, who came down with the virus and subsequently passed away.

Reports began to surface about a few of his staffers had come down with the virus in  the White House awhile back.  He still downplayed and discouraged mask wearing in the White House. He wore no masks  at any public events at the White House and encouraged his staffers to follow suit.

It’s been widely suspected that Hope Hicks, his Communications officer in which he maintains a close working relationship has tested positive for the virus. It’s strongly believed  it’s how he and the First Lady, Melania contracted the virus as they were not wearing masks.

The President and the First Lady are now quarantined  for the next two weeks and maybe longer depending how their recovery proceeds.

Now it’s hit you Mr. President and the First Lady, what do you say to that?