The World after the Corona virus has passed…

Wow, we are truly in challenging times. The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is now a pandemic and has affected the world in profound ways. It has affected Countries, Economics, and Society at large in ways un-imaginable.

The virus is credited from coming out of a small province in China and spread rapidly. The Chinese government literally locked down the province, quarantining it’s citizens, but the virus had spread to Italy, the US and other Countries to devastating effect. President Donald Trump, who downplayed the viruses potential, literally trivialized it until the numbers in the US began to rise.

The people who are infected with the virus, have lead to many deaths, and have sent states into ordering lock down or stay-at-home orders hoping to lower the possibilities of further infections.

People have been laid off their jobs causing unemployment to spike, and other repercussions are still to come. The world’s financial markets have crashed too as uncertainty prevails.So what’s next. The President, is hiding his concerns that this will affect his re-election bid and his legacy.

But what will we do? Hunker down, Pray, or plan for our individual next moves.

It’s often said that in times of chaos, the most prepared will win.

So what will you do?


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