RIP Chuck Berry: 1926-2017


The Groovisphere is sad to report on the untimely passing of The Icon and Rock n’ Roll Pioneer, Chuck Berry. He passed away at his home in St Louis.

Berry music infleuenced many Groups and Artists Domestically and Internationally. From the Beach Boys to the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, Berry music helped shape and define Rock n’ Roll for a generation.

From his signature Guitar riff and songs that spoke to a restless generation of teen-agers, in the 50’s Berry’s music soon transcended any specific music genre. He artfully blended, Blues, Rockabilly, and other styles to his own to create his version of Rock and Roll and was instrumental in creating and developing the attitude and stance of the genre.

Berry was a master showman who could hold an audience spellbound whether it was large or small. Either through his virtuosity on the Guitar or his “Duck walking” across the stage, Berry was a brilliant performer.

But Chuck’s life was not controversy. He was convicted of tax evasion and served time in prison briefly, and was sentenced to three years in prison for offenses under the Mann Act—he had transported a 14-year-old girl across state lines.

His biggest hits were in the 50’s and slowed down by the early 60’s. Chuck soon became a legacy and nostalgic act, performing his huge catalog of his hit songs.

Mr. Berry had just completed a set of new recordings to be released in 2017.

He will be surely missed.