Happy International Podcast Day!


It’s hard to believe that Podcasting is 16 years old. It’s still a teenager! Although it has grown in fits and spurts, Podcasting is still a viable option to share your point of view with the world. Today is  9/30/2020 is International Podcast Day and it’s a great way to celebrate the medium.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new, veteran, professional, or hobbyist, Podcaster  it’s never too late to begin listening to one, or better yet starting one!

Although many believe  that being on You tube is a podcast that’s only partly true. If you have an RSS  feed, that’s what makes it a podcast. If that audio from the you tube video appears on your website or on a pod catcher i.e. your smartphone then it’s a podcast. If not it’s a you tube video. It’s a subtle, but  discernable difference.

But regardless celebrate the medium tomorrow by listening, telling a friend about it, or better yet create one yourself. The world could be waiting to hear your voice next.