Now the Summer Is Over What’s Next?

Wow 2020 is almost over. It’s been an incredible year, but not all for good reasons. The Coved-19 is still here. People are still dying from it. Major sporting events are returning, but in a different form and maybe the hew “normal” is finally setting in.

Politically, Black Lives still do matter. The continuing assault on people of color has not has not diminished. Whether you think it’s fair or not it still is.

The Presidency is up for grabs on November 3rd so please vote your choice. If you don’t  please don’t complain over the outcome.

For those who think New Media is a flash in the pan, think again. Blogging, Podcasts, and You tube are still relevant if not more so and many entities small and larger are taking notice

Spotify is acquiring more exclusive content for their platform.

This is causing concern to consternation among many in the space. Podcaster Joe Budden who has a deal with Spotify openly voiced his displeasure with the company as his two year agreement may be ending with the company by the end of September.

He is among the many people of color who are citing  inequality of minority creators and their partners, claiming the control and ownership of content they create and not being appropriately compensated .

He’s been criticized  by others in the space,  some who don’t know the specifics of the agreement, but he’s explained himself in a long episode on his show and his points have validity. However, many other content creators do see his point and have concerns about companies trying to re-define what Podcasting is.

If you are in the content creation space and are approached by a big or growing company looking to form a relationship, know what your value is, don’t compromise, and don’t sell out. Spell out everything in the agreement, and keep your intellectual property rights, i.e. show name, rss feed, and all other aspects of your creation.

Keep   moving forward and always be true to yourself. We’ll all get through this together.


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